What we do:

Establish a solid strategic foundation 
By interrogating your business aims and understanding your users, we can create a solid business case and delivery plan for your investment in digital.

Independent assessment
We can provide a truly independent assessment of your digital products or services through a variety of evaluation and research methods.

Capacity building
We can run tailor-made and highly creative workshops to help your workforce deliver your digital strategy, help you build your team or establish a partnership with an external provider. 

Concept development
We can help you create and test new ideas for digital products or services and support you in getting them to market.

Who we are and who we work for:

We have worked for clients as diverse as the BBC, FutureLearnThe Barbican and IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.

We also like to think in public about metadata, collaboration, innovation, memory, learning, broadcasting and culture. Alongside appearances at conferences, we run our own Group Think events to explore subjects like these with other experts, partners and friends.

Unthinkable is led by a partnership of Matthew Shorter and Justin Spooner.